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Capsule slip ring (8.5mm diameter) has solved a key problem for those who require very small dimension to pass better signal and current with 360 degree. This kind of slip ring mainly used in camera device.
Capsule slip ring ( 12.5mm diameter ) adopt gold to gold contact materials to make sure long life time. The circuits for this slip ring could be up to 12 rings at present. Signal and current combination is available.
Capsule slip ring for 16mm diameter has the main feature of compact design. Continuous transmission of signal and/or data under 360 degree unrestrained rotation for this slip ring is optional.
Capsule slip ring for 18mm diameter use advanced standard military degree surface processing technology to meet the demand of every end user. This type of slip ring is mainly used for application of robotics, medical machine.
Capsule slip ring for 22mm size could do circuits from 1-36 rings with standard 2A. This type of slip ring can pass Ethernet, USB, RS, Canbus, video, sensor, power, control,etc. Higher IP degree and metal housing are available.
Capsule slip ring for 35mm diameter series enjoys the biggest advantage for multi-circuits ( 76 rings ) with metal housing. This slip ring now is widely used in turntable application to pass current or signal.