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The basic technical parameters of capsule type slip rings are outer diameter, inner diameter, circuits, current, operating speed, protection degree and so on. Capsule slip rings of Kiowey have several different series according to the diameter. The diameter could be in divided into 8.5mm, 12.5mm, 15.5mm, 18mm, 22mm, 35mm and so on. It has the main features of compact design, low noise and resistance, smooth operation, maintenance free, gold to gold contact materials and longer life time.

How to Choose Superior Quality Slip Rings

Kiowey as a professional and reliable supplier in China, we have dedicated to designing various superior quality slip rings, offering first-rate service and providing perfect rotation solution with preferential price since its establishment.

Liquid Or Gas Rotary Joint With Electrical slip ring

Slip ring, also known as the convergence of conductive slip ring, collector ring, brush, commutator, rotor and so on, which can be passed current and signal through 360 degree rotations without winding.

Kiowey,Slip Ring Manufacturer Leader

Kewei TImes, one of the biggest slip ring manufacturer leader in China has enjoyed above 10 years experience in this field. They are a high-tech enterprise who mainly concentrates on researching & developing, producing, marketing commercial and industrial conductive slip rings, also can provide end user technical guide service and assist them to optimize system design or improve system performance. Kewei Times now has approved professional certification for CE, RoHs, ISO9001, FCC and so on.

The Use of Slip Ring

Slip Ring is made of brush wire and brush supporter mainly, which could provide to transmit signal and power device under any rotation condition between fixed part and rotating part for various equipment. The ring of slip ring can also be named rotor that consists of multi conduction circuits via mutual insulation. The contact of each circuit correspondently is brush wire, it has good performance features of wearing resistant, high reliability and stable conduction because of using precious metal alloy materials. Brush wire can keep V type contact through the metal ring on the rotor. Therefore, when slip ring operates, the cooper ring and brush wire could contact very well, which will lead to slip ring realize the function of current transferring.

The use and specifications for through hole slip ring

Through hole slip ring, as we know, it is a kind of slip ring with through hole type actually, also could be called hollow shaft slip ring. According to the structure of through hole slip ring, which can be divided into cylinder type design and pancake type design. Here, KEWEI Times would like to introduce you the main difference about these two types sliprings on the design and structure. 

How to insure reliable signal transmission in high speed operation

The brush surface of slip ring should adopt gold to gold contact materials in order to reach the best performance between brush and cooper ring. It has a very closed connection with the environment conditions and technical demand of supporting facility. We know that, brush at least plays two important roles in total slip ring or contacting of collecting ring, firstly, transmitting current and signal; secondly, power source or signal source commutation. For the performance demand of brush, not only should have good conduction performance, but also must require excellent commutation performance, good lubricity, reliable stability, wear resistant and so on.

How to insure reliable signal transmission in high speed operation

Nowadays, slip rings are used in many different applications widely in this modern industry automation process, which solves various signal and current transmission between rotating part and fixed part of mechanical joint. Usually, the metal ring and the surface of brush wire need to do high quality plating surface handling, also most of covering layer is precious metal which primarily meet good conduction, wear-resistant, corrosion resistant performance of slip ring.

Carbon Brush Slip Ring

Carbon brush is the component on the surface of commutation device in the motor. When motor rotates, brush can transmit power to coil via switcher, which its main part is brush, so called carbon brush. As we all know that,

carbon brush wear more easily that need to maintain, exchange and clean carbon deposition regularly.

The appearance of carbon brush is a bit like a pencil eraser, which has lead wire on the top and different size. Carbon brush as for rotating contact component that widely used in many electrical equipment. The main materials includes electrochemical graphite, fat graphite, metal ( copper and silver ) graphite.

The composition of carbon brush

Carbon brush assembly consists of carbon brush holder, carbon brush, tension spring and other parts. On both sides of the carbon brush holder adopt glass fiber reinforced plastic materials with each one carbon strut in the openings, tension spring connected in the middle and appropriately change its length to make carbon brush effect moderate press in the slip ring. During assembly, carbon brush could make sure sensitivity requirement via adjustment. Carbon brush holder plays a role of fixed position of carbon brush in the motor, and the quality of carbon brush holder could directly affect the motor performance.

Slip Ring Could be Significant Component In CCTV Application

Security refers to “safety protection”, which in order to protect own safety by adopting protective measures. Then security engineering is to realize the whole process of safety protection, security product is in the service of security engineering equipment. The electrical slip ring must be the necessary rotary component in the CCTV industry.

From the field of security products, CCTV application has started to develop in the direction of diversification, for example, education, telecommunication, oil, water conservancy, factory buildings, large public place, shopping malls, construction, latest community and so on. More and more new demands needed in these industries.