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 Shenzhen Kewei Times Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional high and new technology enterprise which engaged in developing, designing, producing and marketing slip ring rotating solutions. Our product design can be completely unique and has various structure, also could be customized according to customers’s special technical requirement. The product categories of Kewei Times can be mainly divided into many types: Capsule slip ring, through bore slip ring, mercury slip ring, separate slip ring, coax rotary joint, fiber optical rotary joint, high temperature slip ring, big current slip ring, wind turbine slip ring, carbon brush slip ring, liquid or gas slip ring, custom slip ring and so on. Since Kewei Times was founded in 2005 in Shenzhen, our slip ring quality has been favored by many large enterprises and military enterprises at home and abroad. The slip rings that produced by Keiwei are mainly used in security equipment, wind turbine generator, automation equipment, medical machinery, communication equipment, aviation & marine, heavy machinery equipment, industrial control systems, exhibition equipment, etc.

Kewei Times has a large number of experienced, strong enterprise and innovative high-tech talents and adapts to the requirements of modern management personnel. Also, our factory equipped with advanced production equipment and testing machinery to make sure perfect product quality and production system so as to improve greatly the forefront development, quality control and follow-up support ability. At the same time, our company has pass ISO9001:2000, CE, FCC, ROHS and other patent certifications.

“ Science will make life better”! Kewei Times will always follow the service tenet of customer satisfaction with “ first-class technology, superior product quality, excellent sales service.

Brand Objectives: well-know both at home and abroad to be innovation leader. Management Objectives: high quality of the allocation resources;perfect enterprise incentive mechanism, restraint mechanism and competition mechanism; establishing a modem enterprise management mechanism.

Subject Concept: people-oriented.

Enterprise Spirit: pioneering, enterprising, truth, innovation.

Enterprise Style: diligent pragmatic excitation.

Team Spirit: mutual cooperation & love each other.

Professional Ethics: dedication, hard working, honesty.

Business Strategy: rationality, efficiency and development.

Service Essence: sincere, patience, high efficiency.