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The slip ring used in military application, normally, we can call it--Military slip ring or rotary joint. Along with the improvement and development of advanced technique, the application for military equipment has become wider and greater, which has very strict demand with slip ring technology, especially for the quality. Nowadays, more and more people know slip ring and understand how it is important in the device. We believe that future military development will be more intend to automation, for example, military robotics, this kind of of machine has rotating joint which must need to use slip ring for solving flexibility and stability problem. Generally speaking, the main application for military has radar, tank, military airplane, satellite, missile defense system and so on.

For this kind of military field with our several years experience, our customer used below series and design to meet their demand:
High Frequency Slip Ring ( CRJ Series )
Fiber Optical Rotary Joint ( FORJ Series )
Customized Through Hole Slip Ring ( THR-T Series )

What is more, military slip ring not only require reliable performance, but also has some following features:
Higher protection degree and high or low work temperature resistant
Multi-circuit, big current and high voltage
Shock and vibration resistant
Low electrical noise and high frequency range
Low signal transmission loss and high isolation
Compact structure ,easy installation, very long life time

Kewei Times still are cooperating well with some military companies at home and abroad for many years, we should use better technique to design best quality product in the near future. Meanwhile, we are now trying best to become one of the most excellent supplier in China, and provide you professional design service and after sales installation guide service.


As we all know, robot is a kind of device to execute work automatically which could not only accept the command of human, but also can operate previous rescheduled program instead of manual technique or assist human working. For example, producing industry, construction industry or some dangerous fields. Along with the technology development, robotics has been gradually replaced human beings and draw close to the sight of them. Compared with human, robot enjoys the main advantages of more flexible, quicker and efficient.

Because of complicated rotary joint and inconvenient installation maintenance of robot, through adopt slip rings to realize 360 degree unlimited rotation to transmit power and signal combination. Robotics slip ring of Kewei TImes, the circuits could be up to 200 or more, also can transfer USB, Ethernet, RS, Canbus, encoder, thermocouple, digital and analog signals. Normally speaking, robotics slip ring has some features of low work speed, longer life time and maintenance free. Our solution has solved wire wrapping problem well in robot application.

According to application environment in robotics, which can be divided into two big parts: industry robot sliprings and special type robot sliprings. For industry robot, it is multi -joint or multiple degree of freedom robot. However, special type robot can be various advanced robots to serve human in non-manufacturing industry except industry robotics, including service robot, underwater robot, military robot, agriculture robot, entertainment robot and so forth. Kewei Times can customize different design slip ring according to your special requirement.


Security industry has been increased gradually with the global market economy development. Under the promotion of enhancing daily living standard, people pay much more attention for security, at the same time, video surveillance field has received great welcome from that period. Camera, as a representative front-end equipment, is extensively used in many different places because of its unique performance and function, for example, highway, railway, airport, port, square, station and so on.
Speed dome is a kind of high intelligent camera, the full name could be called high speed intelligent camera or integrative high speed dome. According to its main features of wide monitoring range, high working speed, accurate potion and fast respond, speed dome has obtained more and more popularity from customers. When speed dome supplier develop and research a new product, they attach importance to the performance of camera which whether it is high definition, fast and correct focus, sensitivity and so forth. Kewei Times adopted SDI slip ring to transmit signal and high definition signal, the channels could be up to 12, frequency can be achieved to 50GHz, which could also pass analog or digital signal to meet special demand of customer.
The HDV slip ring of Kewei Times enjoys the main feature of longer life time, maintenance free, no lubrication and so on. Because of limited space in the camera, which has strict demand for slip ring size. As per different models of camera, we have designed various diameter ( 12.5mm, 16mm, 22mm, 35mm ) capsule slip ring to fully satisfy with camera specification ---Low torque and noise, stable operation, compact structure, small size.


Slip ring belongs to mechanical industry. Along with the wide social informational, we all know that automation technology is widely used in industry, agriculture, military, scientific research, traffic transport, commerce, medical service and so on which is not only could help people to solve heavy manual labor, mental work, bad and dangerous working conditions, but also could expand the organ function and greatly improve the labor productivity to enhance the ability of people to know the world and change the world.
Slip ring , as an important rotating joint in mechanical automation equipment that will has a good prospect in the future. As the times progress, the technology of slip ring has been become mature step by step. Carbon brush slip ring design now change to gold to gold contact materials slip ring with compact structure, easier installation, more convenient maintenance and more durable. With the innovation of slip ring continuously, slip ring has been widely used in packing machine, printing equipment, intelligent electrical equipment and so on, but slip ring in the application of mechanical equipment is more widely.Recommend product in automation application---Capsule slip ring & Through hole slip ring
  • Features:
    1. Compact design and structure
    2. Signal and current combination transmission
    3. Low torque and electrical noise
    4. Smooth operation and longer life time
    5. Easy installation and maintenance free
Kewei Times, as the largest slip ring manufacturer in China, we are going to design different slip ring structure to meet every special demand in automation application and obtain support from more potential customers in this industry. We believe we have obligations and ability to contribute our strength for global mechanical automation industry.

Engineering Machinery

Engineering Machinery
For engineering machinery application, the slip ring has been used extensively in this field, also plays a very important rotating part in their equipment. All of us in the slip ring industry knows that, engineering machinery just is a wide or general name, for the reason which could be divided into many different field, for example, crane, port machinery, excavator, marine machinery, agricultural machinery, fire truck, tail lift truck and so forth. The slip ring in crane application is mainly installed on the center of gyration and transfer power and signal together.
  • As per our experience in such application, we would like to recommend our through bore type design ( THR-T series ) or big current customization for you reference. Normally, this kind of slip ring has below some features:
    1. Big current and dimension
    2. Compact structure and longer life time
    3. High protection degree, high shock resistant and low temperature for special environment
    4. Easy installation and smooth operation
    5. Metal housingl and precious metal contact materials
    6. Power and signal combination
    7. Maintenance free
Kewei Times has already built up very good cooperation relations with some famous companies in engineering machinery field for many years, we can make sure the best production time and fast service for you. So here, Kewei Times honestly expect your soon contact or email, hope you could give us a precious opportunity to provide superior service to you.

Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment
A slip ring is an electromechanical device that allows the transmission of power and electrical signals from a stationary to a rotating structure. Also called a rotary electrical joint, collector or electric swivel, a slip ring can be used in any electromechanical system that requires unrestrained, intermittent or continuous rotation while transmitting power and / or data. It can improve mechanical performance, simplify system operation and eliminate damage-prone wires dangling from movable joints.
The slip rings that designed by Kewei Times adopt the advanced precious metal fiber brush wire technology and unique shielding method to make sure reliable signal, low working voltage, low abrasion, and low loss contacting design, which exactly realize longer life time and free maintenance. Sliprings of Kewei Times has been widely used on medical equipment, say shadowless lamp, CT machine and monitoring machine, also obtained great welcome from customers at home and abroad.
Recommended product in medical application: Capsule slip rings (KWR008-022)
  • Typical features:
    1. Modular design to meet higher current, work speed and appearance
    2. Compact design, small diameter to meet strict space demand
    3. Low work voltage and low loss, RoHs certification
    4. Support digital and analog signal, Ethernet signal, power combination
    5. Longer life time and free maintenance

Wind Turbine Generator

Wind Turbine Generator
Nowadays, there is around 10 percent of wind turbine slip ring is fiber brush contact materials in the market, this kind of slip ring only need to maintain rarely. Another 60 percent of slip ring part is made of composite metal brush and normally it combines with metal and graphite. Even if this type could meet around 75 million rotations service life time that some of suppliers declared, but its also require maintenance frequently. The residual 30 percent wind turbine slip ring adopt single precious metal brush, generally speaking, the performance of fiber brush is better than above two of types.
The main reason is for: composite metal brush design can wear brush in advance to avoid slip ring attrition, also it needs long brush only could delay brush exchanging circle in the greatest limitations. This kind of materials will meet three challenges mainly in the big power or high reliability slip ring application.
  1. The residues that occurred in the operation has reduction and abrasiveness which need cleaning up regularly.
  2. Composite metal brush materials is very sensitive to humidity. If Humidity is lower than 15% or higher than 85%, it could lead to uneven wearings sometimes.
  3. When it is used for signal circuits, these composite metal brush will occupy a great of space.

Single metal brush compared with composite brush design, the biggest advantage is that residues is lesser and higher capacity for signal circuits. But, single metal brush design also exist some disadvantages:

  1. Single brush will lead to limited current-carrying for smaller size.
  2. For example, most of materials between gold and gold needs lubrication, it is very difficult to keep enough lubrication all the time.
Kewei Times spent much time and money to design latest product in wind turbine generator, we will continue to try our best to research more and more goods to meet the requirement of every customer in wind turbine application. Looking forward to your cooperation soon in the near future.